Wednesday, August 24, 2005

NoteMaster 1.3.3 available

I just made the new NoteMaster 1.3.3 available; you can get it right away from the Download page. (Sorry, but a changelog is not yet available.)

It includes (as partially described in my previous post) four new major features:
  • The integral browser supports the Mozilla/Gecko control.
  • Startup time and general performance were greatly improved (-4000 KB average memory need).
  • Sessions can now be manually saved and restored (menu: File/Sessions).
  • Much better toolbar handling (the tool bars' state is now saved and restored; the tool bars can be locked).
And, in addition, a vast number of fixed bugs (like the Serif font issue on 98/ME systems).

Much of these improvements were made because of user feedback; I, again, want to thank everyone who took the time to report bugs or suggest features. This showed immediate results in this release; so, please, if you encounter bugs or have improvement ideas, please use the Help/Send Feedback command.

This release also means we're one or at most two Beta versions from the final release away, which I hope to issue before the end of the year. Stay tuned!


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