Wednesday, August 03, 2005

NoteMaster progress

NoteMaster 1.3.3

I've put some major work in NoteMaster during the last few months and hope to introduce NoteMaster 1.3.3 soon. Here's a teaser of what's new:
  • Mozilla control integration: The integral browser allows you to choose on-the-fly whether you want to render pages using the Internet Explorer engine or Mozilla's.
  • Improved window management: The "Open Documents" panel now enables you to select multiple documents and save or close them all at once.
  • Improved persisting of settings: Settings are now remembered correctly.
  • Much improved tool bar handling: NoteMaster will now save your tool bars' state and restore it. Also, you can now toggle visibility of individual toolbars, as well as lock all tool bars.
  • Many bugs fixed, in areas such as syntax scheme handling and file opening.
  • Easier to understand captions and labels in NoteMaster's user interface.

I hereby want to thank everyone who reported bugs and suggested features to me: you're really a big help. Remember, bug reports and feature suggestions can be sent by choosing the "Send Bug Report" command from the Help menu (or just E-mail to


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