Sunday, July 30, 2006

What's going on?

I'm sure you have noticed that NoteMaster has been pretty much on hiatus for the last few months. I'm sorry for this, but I also want to make it clear that this is a hobby project that I take care of in my leisure time; and in the last few months, my "real life" has been quite demanding and taken precedence. I hope you'll understand that: I don't get any money out of NoteMaster, and the reason I'm keeping the project running is dedication.

But now that's out of the way - it doesn't mean NoteMaster 1.5 won't see release, not at all! I'm now getting back to working on it, and in addition to ironing out the few bugs that remain and polishing the new features, I'm looking into upping the editor features, which might mean soft word-wrap, more sophisticated syntax highlighting (like JavaScript highlighting inside of HTLM), code folding and other treats. I'll want to make sure 1.5, as the first final release after about 1.5 years of beta phase, is as perfect as possible!

So no, this project isn't dead at all. I just want to apologise for the long periods of waiting time, and then I'm back to work (hopefully with more frequent progress reports in the future!).


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