Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NoteMaster E-mail address possibly Joed

In my inbox today I found a message that was highly alarming: It was an auto-responder confirmation, but from an E-mail address I had never encountered before, nor have I ever been writing to this E-Mail address.
I suspect this to mean that somebody sends mail with a deliberately faked From header to make it appear as though the E-mail had been sent by notemaster-at-computtrax-dot-com (a so-called Joe Job). Any mail you get, though, most likely hasn't.

The mentioned E-mail address is a contact point if you have feedback regarding NoteMaster, but usually I do not use this address to send any E-mail; I reply using my regular mail account.

I have no idea why somebody has done this and what they have to gain from it, nor do I know what's in the mail they send (although I have my suspicions), but I've got do something about this soon. For now, I can just assure you that you will never get mail from me if you haven't asked for it.

UPDATE Sep 11: The problem grows more acute, I got another auto-responder notification. Since I haven't been sent any "E-mail unknown" warnings yet, it seems the Joe jobber doesn't use an automated system, which gives me a tiny but pointless hope that he/she will stop when I tell them PLEASE STOP THIS.

If you want to send me feedback, please use the Send Feedback command in NoteMaster, because I have to consider abandoning I might thereafter provide an additional feedback form directly on the website.


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