Sunday, July 17, 2005

RSS and a text editor

NoteMaster has always evolved around things I considered to be of assistance to the user, in any way. The idea of helping people to get their work done more quickly and better was what started the NoteMaster project; a very user-oriented editor, focussing on what (I believe) people like me, web developers, programmers really need.

And, of course, I'm always looking for things that could make NoteMaster even more useful. One of these things is RSS support. Yes, RSS support in a text editor.

RSS can really do more things than just serve you your daily newspaper (although that's great enough); it lives up to almost every need of synchronisation. In NoteMaster, I found these possible uses in particular:
  1. Checks for new versions

    An RSS feed consisting of XML descriptions of new versions could notify NoteMaster when updates are available. If the XML pieces were attached using an enclosure tag, the actual contents could even be human-readable.

  2. Project Manager

    I've been planning a big project manager for a long time now, but I'm not confident that it'll appear within the 1.x releases. RSS could allow for data-sharing project collaboration even without a VCS, for smaller team projects.
This should be the proof that RSS (and syndication in general, as I believe Atom will eventually replace RSS) has more applications than just the obvious ones and can enrich any program. It is well suited for working in the background, and that is what makes syndication technology so appealing.