Monday, September 26, 2005

NoteMaster 1.3.4 progress: Customizable hotkeys

I can now say I've finished a working customizable hotkeys implementation. This also fixes some issues with hotkeys that had to be pressed twice (like Ctrl+Home).

Hotkey customization was among the features most often requested, so it was one of the top things to implement for 1.3.4.

Currently, I'm implementing an Options front end to customize the hotkeys (depicted in the photo). After that, I'm planning on improving the macro/script feature, which I'm not exactly satisfied with yet. I expect NoteMaster 1.3.4 somewhen towards the end of October, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NoteMaster E-mail address possibly Joed

In my inbox today I found a message that was highly alarming: It was an auto-responder confirmation, but from an E-mail address I had never encountered before, nor have I ever been writing to this E-Mail address.
I suspect this to mean that somebody sends mail with a deliberately faked From header to make it appear as though the E-mail had been sent by notemaster-at-computtrax-dot-com (a so-called Joe Job). Any mail you get, though, most likely hasn't.

The mentioned E-mail address is a contact point if you have feedback regarding NoteMaster, but usually I do not use this address to send any E-mail; I reply using my regular mail account.

I have no idea why somebody has done this and what they have to gain from it, nor do I know what's in the mail they send (although I have my suspicions), but I've got do something about this soon. For now, I can just assure you that you will never get mail from me if you haven't asked for it.

UPDATE Sep 11: The problem grows more acute, I got another auto-responder notification. Since I haven't been sent any "E-mail unknown" warnings yet, it seems the Joe jobber doesn't use an automated system, which gives me a tiny but pointless hope that he/she will stop when I tell them PLEASE STOP THIS.

If you want to send me feedback, please use the Send Feedback command in NoteMaster, because I have to consider abandoning I might thereafter provide an additional feedback form directly on the website.