Sunday, April 30, 2006

Announcing NoteMaster 1.5

You know, when it comes to professionalism, I most of the time suck. How else would I now have to tell you that there's no final NoteMaster 1.5 ready for you to grab right now, although I proclaimed an April release? There you are.

Well, it might be a weak excuse, but the reason I broke this promise is actually that I'm committed to my promises very much (yeah, sure). There have been a lot - and I mean a lot - of feature requests in my mailbox. Turns out I shouldn't have said "yeah, I'll implement that for the final release" all the time in reply, because now I'm bound to hold these promises. But I hold them gladly, very gladly, as they were very valuable for NoteMaster. With NoteMaster, I had three things in mind:
  • A great user interface
  • A more refined editing experience that saves you time and work
  • Comprehensive editing features you've come to expect
And in NoteMaster 1.5, the first final release, I'm quite confident I've brought to life what I wanted. A lot has changed from previous releases, explaining the longer-than-usual development time. You'll get more on these new features later, and this site is getting a remake quite soon. But for now, just take a look at this NoteMaster 1.5 screenshot.

Stay tuned. NoteMaster 1.5 will be released on May 5th at 8:47 PM GMT (OK, I made this up, but it's close, I hope).

Saturday, April 01, 2006

NoteMaster: Happy Birthday!

It's NoteMaster first anniversary today - I published the first Beta on April 1st, 2005. And now, there's something waiting for you:

NoteMaster 1.5. Final. Coming in April.